Thankful for our team!

Without our team this dream would be unachievable. Creating Soul Path Stories has been a group effort every step of the way. This is a day to celebrate as the website goes live. You are not just friends but you are family and there is no one better do take this leap with.

Thank you:

Lillyanna for having the bravery to give the project its initial life and sharing the passion to create. If it were not for the footsteps you placed for us, we would not be able to build this together. You are a force of nature that I will gladly follow into any challenge

Syldryn for working with technology and all of its challenges. You have been a set of eyes on the website to make sure that it can be ready for our listeners. We look forward to what you bring with Dungeon Delvers.

Salya for bringing your creativity and life to the storytelling. Without your contribution it would not be the same. We look forward to what the tallest halfling can bring into the future.

Elizibeth for your storytelling and knowledge of the culture of Ireland. Sharing your passion and your knowledge is a gift that will grow endlessly.

Ivan for jumping into the fray on Dungeon Delvers. I am personally very lucky to have your daily support and encouragement to help make this dream a reality for us.

Cain for joining us with Dungeon Delvers. Your immense knowledge with technology brings more support than we could ever ask for.

Tracy for being an amazing guest host and creating our base logo. Sometimes its the small things that show that you care. It is not a wonder that you have been part of our very first “Thank you!” shout outs and I am sure it will not be the last.

This journey would not be the same without any of you.


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