Our Hosts

Photo by Kellen Santana

Meet Lillyanna

Role: Founder, Host, and Event Coordinator

Photo by Kellen Santana

If Lillyanna were be a drink, she would be coffee.

About: Lillyanna is a polytheistic mom trying to make it in the world. She works 6 days a week. She created this podcast to try to find a way to turn their passion for story telling into a career. It is her hope to inspire listeners to follow their passions and to create!

Hobbies and Interest: As a working mom, my hobbies mostly involve sleeping and eating, though they am losing the nack for the former. She loves to study and learn. Right now they are working on mastering different forms of divination, the Welsh language, calligraphy, and story telling abilities.

Feel free to reach out and she will do her best to reply in a timely manner.


Meet Rune

Role: Host, Crafter and Website Manager

Photo by S Migaj on Pexels.com

If Rune were to be a drink, they would be a Blank.

About: A love of eclectic interest, Rune dabbles in learning everything within their reach. Some of their favorite topics are researching theology, general crafting, and admiring nature.

Hobbies and Interest: While they love all things knowledge and intrigue, the current projects include candle making, learning guitar, reading more often, endless acrylic paintings, and working on writing techniques.

Drop a message by and they will do their best to help your creations feel seen.


Meet Salya

Role: Host & Crafter

Photo by Kellen Santana

If Salya were be a drink, she would be a chocolate milk.

About: She is our young host and is full of inspiration to bring to our creations. She thinks of herself as a Shirley Temple.

Hobbies and Interest: Details to come.

Meet Elizibeth

Role: Host

Photo by Kellen Santana

If Elizabeth were a drink, she would be a Guinness.

About: She is working on her first novel and children’s book, finding inspiration in oral storytelling with her friends. As a new mom, she explores with her husband, daughter, and dog all while attempting to snatch what sleep she can get here and there.

Hobbies and Interest: She has a love for writing and reading, along with playing piano. Her truly love is traveling, hiking, and video games.

Meet Ivan

Role: Host, PC

Photo by Kellen Santana

If Ivan were a drink, he would be London Fog.

About: Ivan is an avid learner, specifically following black holes and space. You will often find him gaming in many different forms ranging from tabletop, video games, and Dungeons & Dragons.

Hobbies and Interest: He loves the fine details of math and enjoying the company of friends. Being close to the mountains he has recently found an interest in hiking and rock climbing.

Meet Syldryn

Role: Host, DM

Photo by Kellen Santana

If Syldrn were a drink, he would be Boba Tea.

About: Syldryn is a chef, a gamer, and a Dungeon Master. In free time he likes to cook for friends, play Dungeons & Dragons, and throwing axes. He enjoy literature in all its forms and has dabbled in writing for Dungeons & Dragons game that he is a part of.

Hobbies and Interest: He loves gaming and is often playing Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and board games. When he isn’t gaming he can be found throwing axes, cooking, or reading.

Meet Cain

Role: Host, PC

Diamond shaped glass with whiskey
Photo by Kellen Santana

If Cain were a drink, he would be Whiskey on the rocks.

About: Cain is an entity that is present on this particular plane of existence. In a never ending quest to improve knowledge far too much of their time is spent working. Outside of work, yet in the same vein, Cain spends most time reading about ways to optimize things. From new coding practices to role playing games optimization never ends. They attempt to be logical while still remaining some side of humanity.

Hobbies and Interest: Before parenthood most of their free time was spent expanding their knowledge and attempting to understand this particular plane of existence as well as playing some games. From learning new mathematics and new programming languages, to comprehension of unique scientific applications, they try to absorb as much as possible. Since parenthood their interests are almost solely focused on their child

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